born in 1983 in Mugla/Milas district. Years of education and training during the years after the end of the studied in school,
start work at radio station start as learning about radio dj. 15 years old first radio program is start only play music non-stop.
16 years old first start speak microphone at radio station and few years continue majority radio programs then decide continue learn about music and dj.
One of the friend of the brother take me and start to teach about music producer , dj and technical details sound and light system.
Learning good and fast on vinyl Turntable system, and few months later start to play some night clubs.
After all find some more professional idea and start study about sound & light dj few years live in greece and start get professional lessons.
Finaly come back to Turkey and start at begining work at radio station broadcast coordinator position.
And few months later start some party’s some night club’s then starting make great experience.
At the first starting my own style “TECHNO TRANCE”,”GOA TRANCE” After all find a menager and organisation company’s start play at professional stage.
Between 2002 – 2003 start get professional international event’s party’s at “Germany,England,France,Greece,Albanian in such countries exhibited effective performance in various organizations.
At winter get events from other countries and for summer work at the various night clubs and work at
some various animation team “Tonmeister & Dj.”
In the meantime until the 2010 used real name (Dj.Suat) at the 2010 decided the use a nickname and still use (DJ.DOMINO).